What makes an infographic go viral? 21 Secrets you need to know!

What makes an infographic go viral? 21 Secrets you need to know!

What makes an infographic go viral in 2018? 21 Secrets you need to know!

Do you create infographics, that just don’t get much love and juice to your website?

You probably listen to Neil Patel or Jeff Bullas, who tell you how you “must” create fancy infographics to get those visitors to your website.

You know that there are infographics going viral every day, right?

But what is the magic sauce that can virtually guarantee success, and make that beautiful infographic viral?

What makes it so special?

It’s no magic, but pure viral science, measured from some top performers in the marketing space!

Follow these steps now!

1. Number of words in your title

Research shows that headlines with a number get 36% more clicks. And make it an odd number, like 11, which will have a 20% better click through rate than even numbers.

2. Powerful headline

 80% of your readers will only read the headline. Grab their attention by promising a benefi

3. Eye-Catching Header Image

The title/header of your infographic should be easy to read even if your infographic is not at full size (like on Pinterest)

read more in the “21 secrets behind viral infographics” infographic below!

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Implement those tactics today and make a viral infographic for your business!

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