What Is Data Visualization, and why it matters for your business!

What Is Data Visualization, and why it matters for your business!

What Is Data Visualization?

Data visualization can be described as the pictorial or graphical presentation of quantitative information.

In other words, data visualization enables presenters to present the analytical data into visuals like graphs, which makes analysis easier.

The human brain can understand and process these visuals faster, making it possible to take better and quicker decisions. 

The human brain can process facts better that are in form of visual in front of their eyes. When a large amount of complex data is presented by charts or graphs, the facts or trends becomes easy to discover.
Data visualization helps in

  • Identifying those areas that need improvement or attention
  • Clarify different factors that affect the consumer behaviour
  • Understand the demographics and demand for a particular product
  • Prediction of sales volumes and profits
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Why Does Data Visualization Matter?

Regardless of the type of industry and scale of business data visualization can be useful for all. It is useful in

  • Better decision making

Most modern organizations today depend upon the data that is presented in front of them.

With new software that is dedicated to creating effective data visuals, it is possible to make better decisions based on the pictorial representation.

There are key performance indicators, performance metrics that allow the decision makers to understand the quantitative information like revenue per quarter, employee’s stats, product sales and stick, departmental expenses and so on.

  • Identify patterns and relationship

Decision making becomes easier as when the data is presented in visual forms it is possible to identify the pattern between them.

For example, if you are presented with a sales figure of any particular product at a different region, they will be figures only.

It may or may not be possible to find out easily that which region accepts the products and where you need to put in more effort.

When the same data is presented in chart form, say in bar chart it becomes simpler to understand that which region provides you with the best sales and which region needs to attend.

  • Communicate the story to others

With the help of visual data, it is now simpler to tell the story to someone else in a simple way. No need to explain jargons.

Present the charts, graphs and other visual representation and things will become simpler. 

Even marketers also share their story with their consumers by utilizing different procedure of data visualization.

The above discussion may be giving an idea that data visualization is all about quantitative data, but the scope of it is much wider.

It’s true that quantitative data is easy to represent by charts and graphs, but other facts can also be represented by visuals and that makes the whole story interesting to one who is following it.

Data visualization is not only about quantitative data

In simple words, data visualization is a process that visually improves your understanding of complex data, whether its a visual representation with figures, or a story of your complex facts or super important data.

To create a visual system for your business, simply contact myherographic.com or use a professional designer,  that can create a compelling story for each of your content.

Trust me, your content will improve in no time. 

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