how to be productive

how to be productive

20+ pieces of advice on how to be productive from famous entrepreneurs, writers, media managers

How to be productive? All the advice given in the following article are concerning time management let along habits required for the solution of daily tasks

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  1. Get a memo pad for every day.
    Write down your thoughts, observations, accidental memorizing, and lessons of a day.
    There is no mobile application, which would provide you with that flexibility and lightness a paper gives.
    Carry it around, let it be not big so it could easily fit in the pocket.
    Put your initials on it, leave minimal contact information so in case it is lost, it was easy to get it back to its owner.
  2. How to be productive?
    Simple checklists, not more than 5-6 paragraphs in the list per day.
    Check this list and try to do everything that is planned.
  3. Files quote out of books you read on professional thematic let alone belles-lettres.
    It can be in either paper or digital format, whatever you are comfortable with.
  4. Do not use other tools of postponed communication, apart from email address.
    Email helps in asynchronous communication and at that does not make it comfortable for either of the sides.
  5. If you need an assistant, make sure s/he is older and more responsible than you are.
    The cheap and young employee for all types of work in aid is a mistake.
  6. If you work with a text (write books, articles, blogs), develop a habit to write down quotes and moments you liked out of books and articles of other authors.
    Doing so, you do not enrich your vocabulary and stylistic only but also gather materials, which might be useful in the future.
  7. Keep in mind that the best productivity is reached out in the atmosphere of uninterrupted work and with no peripheral distractions such as music, conversations or chatting through instant messengers or by phone.
    The quiet atmosphere helps to focus on new ideas search.
    This is why many startups practice time of silence.
  8. Develop a rule of Inbox Zero, far from every letter is to be answered but to keep or hold them for later makes no sense.
    That’s my take on how to be productive.
  9. Use services for put off reading such as Instapaper.
    In doing so, you will be able to save time on saved materials you are interested in let alone to do not distracted on reading posts in social networks.
  10. Learn to say no.
    This ability can save your nerves and efforts, save from making a mistake, jumping into a risky project or a doubtful business.
  11. Keep at least elementary accounts of income and outcome.
    Home banking and cost and earnings control will become responsible towards not only work but also personal financial effectivity.
  12. Curiously enough but the office and its space eat your time and energy out.
    If there is a chance not to sink in endless negotiations, meetings and smoke breaks with colleagues, do not be afraid to be a loner.
    Sometimes, to achieve a success, one should work apart from a team and this is normal.
  13. Buy and read books.
    Feel free to get them in digital format in case you do not like paper ones or do not want your place to be overwhelmed with books.
    Reading books though is the best tool for personal development.
  14. Do not compile books you have already read but those you are still to read.
    There is a limit to time and space for library resource and new books come out all the time.
  15. Delete Facebook application out of your mobile phone.
    You are not going to believe how much time is going to be free for doing other things.
  16. Start your working day not at 9 AM but when you are producing the most.
    Of course, working for a company even a flexible schedule has its boundaries.
    If you work for yourself, sometimes night is the most productive time.
    A normality criterion in outer world eyes is not important, the result is what matters.
  17. Do not trust reports and statistics.
    Digits are subject to verification anyway, and a hypothesis is to be verified in practice.
    Whatever successful your sales seem to be, remember that there are always narrow places, which are not mentioned in the reports.
  18. Do not hurry up to be the first one to test an application or a service, the one who buys something new or an unstudied gadget.
    Wait some time to estimate real possibilities of a new thing, whether it might work or not with things, you do at work.
  19. Do not use wireless Internet in the planes and trains.
    Even if you cannot fall asleep being on the road, you better read books, think over a new project (-s), prioritise time with planning tasks a week ahead and alike kinds of activity.
  20. A request to spend 15 minutes for an unplanned project costs more than you think of truly busy people.
    Do not get people distracted just because you came up with a brilliant idea.
  21. Planning is good.
    Do not forget to get down to business when all the planning is done.
    A true productivity is about the implementation of scheduled in practice meeting the deadlines.
  22. Writers, entrepreneurs and journalists have a penchant for creating chaos and light craziness in planning and implementation.
    This is why they need assistance in order to balance disorderly energy and to direct it to meaningful activity.
  23. Do not ever spend time, money and efforts for representing yourself only.
    Your task is to earn and to develop and not simply feed the sense of self-importance.

These were the best tips on how to be productive, from top performers in their field.
If you have known any more quotes or tips on how to be productive, let us know in the comment section below.

About the author: Melisa Marzett who writes for at the moment is looking for guest post opportunities because she loves writing and it can be seen through her articles. She would want people to read more, to become enthusiastic readers and sophisticated in doing so. She is an enthusiastic reader herself and she does her best in order to provide others with some good stuff to read.

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